Carol Singing

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This afternoon we were hosts to 30 children and their teachers and parent support, and the children sang carols for the residents. The residents were over the moon, they loved it. On the surface some may listen and appear unmoved, or indeed asleep. It is afterwards that the impact is felt – oh that was lovely, will they come again? Isn’t it nice to see the children? Both comments made by residents. One gentleman listened to the children and when they had gone he got up from his chair and walked to the piano. We know he is musical. I watched him lift the piano lid and went and got him a chair. He sat down and one of the carers asked him to play, she sat beside him and he said no. We found some carol music on line and using the ipad as a music stand I  managed to play a few notes. The man started humming and he knew the words and the tune and kept it going on till the right tune was produced on the piano. Oh come all you faithful. We heard the residents behind us singing the words. Hark the Herald, picked out with one finger, and the man sang the words. A rusty jingle bells was recognised as was Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. When I got the tune right he clapped. After an hour he stood up, excused himself and said I’ve got to go!’

I don’t have any musical skill, I can play with one finger and read a basic scale. Music is all around, songs and hymns learnt years ago can lie in the mind just waiting for someone to tap on their memory. But the children sang wonderfully and were a credit to their teachers and their school, the residents will be looking forward their next visit. I’m sure their singing sparked something in him which led him to sit at the piano.

It was George’s birthday and he was just over the moon when the choir sang happy birthday to him. He enjoyed his birthday cake, and as he said ‘I’m not bad really for 91′ ! Happy Birthday George and many more to come.


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Another Successful Christingle service was held yesterday with more than 30 people present, including our staff and families. Music was provided by Margaret on the piano and Clare led the service. Readings were done by residents staff and visitors and 12 christingles were created and lit for a short time.

Afternoon tea followed – the mince pies were gorgeous apparently (thank you Wendy) and overall a good start to the Christmas season. For many of our residents the memories of carols, sung over many years means that when the hear the music they start singing. One lady appeared disinterested until you put your head close and you could hear her quietly singing along- when she realised I was wise to her interest she looked at me and winked!

The school children and Mothers Union will be visiting this week to keep the momentum going. Its always a busy time of year, but we wish everyone  a happy Christmas.

A Bit of a Do

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We have just tidied up after a Christmas family lunch which was well attended. Families joined residents for a lunch of chilli and rice, crusty bread and salad followed by cheesecake. It was great to see so many visitors.

Monday – David visited the residents today and those that wanted to worked with him to make Christmas cards to give to their family. A simple idea involving paint, paper and some wax meant that by the end of the afternoon we had some brilliant cards – just now need to write them, pop them in an envelope and there is something to give that shows the creative spirit is still strong.


Christmas is coming

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On Sunday we held our Christingle service. 34 residents, staff, families and friends attended what was a lovely service. Clare led the service of carols and we had readings of the Christmas story from those in the audience. We were spellbound by Allan’s contribution. As a resident he read the story of the shepherds, and made his own explanations and interpretation of the events. We had well known carols, with one resident providing the percussion in the form of clapping to the last verse of Hark the Herald Angels Sing – well we didn’ t have a full orchestra and he knew when to come in and how to raise the tempo – his love of music being clear for all to see and hear.

Clare, with a touch of the Blue Peter, explained how to make a christingle and staff and friends  helped the residents to make one each, lighting the candles for just long enough to let everyone enjoy the glow and flicker of the flames.

We look forward to our Family Lunch on Sunday, and the Christmas show next week.

Christmas is coming

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The residents have started making decorations for Christmas- snowflakes, paperchains and robins are planned. Even as I type there is a group hard at work folding wings for the birds. It won’t be long before we start our Christmas festivities. The second sunday in every month we hold a service, so the December one will be our Christingle service. This year we are planning a pantomime, school carol singers and a ‘Bit of a Do’.

Olympic Fever!

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It seems that the Olympic games have come to Willan. We had a domino championship which resulted in a gold medal for Monica, a clear winner then a nail biting round for silver and bronze – Phil was second, Jean came in third. Nan won gold in the shot put competition and we are now in training for the syncronised ribbon waving next week. – Think gymnastics without the gym!

Photos to follow.

Fish, Chips and Bingo

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The sun shone on Sunday, briefly and the residents enjoyed a freshly fried fish and chip dinner as a local fish and chip van took position in the car park. We were able to get the residents to the van to place their orders, and even had money to pay for their meal. Pre decimal coins changed hands as someone ordered threepence of fish and twopence of chips. Do you want that with mushy peas? Thats an extra halfpenny. Quick as a flash the resident turned to John and whipped an extra halfpenny from his hand!  Thank you to the Lincolnshire Fryer for setting up for us- to be able to eat really fresh hot fish and chips and savour the aroma is a real pleasure.  Today was possible thanks to the kind donations from the families  of both Ken Forster and Vina Ivett. Vina would have loved the pudding – meringue, strawberries and cream!

We followed the lunch up with bingo which everyone joined in, visitors included.  Effie, Nan and Jessie won prizes.


Jubilee Celebrations

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On Saturday June 2nd we held a Jubilee ‘Bit of a Do’. Residents made bunting and paper chains to decorate the main rooms. Union Jack Bunting adorned the outside of the house. Bonnie produced cakes and pavlovas in the red white and blue colours and we had a fun lunch and an afternoon of music, chat and dancing. Clive found his memory of music returned as he sat at the piano for the first time in years to play a tune.

Thanks to the families who attended – David who helped with the decorations, Mike who organised tables and to staff Tracy, Diane and Fiona who kept the party going while maintaining their care as well.

May 2012

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At the beginning of May Eileen announced that she was going to retire after 14 years at Willan House. We wish her well, she plans to do her garden, rest and generally enjoy her hobbies. She will be greatly missed by staff and residents. Sue has also decided to retire. Although they will both be hard acts to follow we have managed to recruit to replace them!

Sadly in May two residents died. Both these residents were big characters and have been part of Willan House for a number of years. Our thoughts are with their families as they mourn their loss and we are pleased that they regarded Willan House as their home.

Craft sessions have been going well, with Val and Clare. Residents have been weaving and creating wool wrap pictures. There has also been a hive of industry producing yards of bunting and red white and blue paper chains for the Jubilee weekend.

We have welcomed some new faces for day care now that Linelands has finally closed. The respite bed is fully booked in June, and with only a few days left in July. Phone for more information.

Happy Chicks

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Residents are currently get a lot of pleasure watching chicks hatch and grow. 11 eggs have incubated and hatched in the last day or so. We have also had craft time with Clare, where some residents made wool pictures which are now on display in the dining room. The Soundlincs workshops are going well, we are on week four and music is being made. The other activity this week has been watercolouring. Monica has done a wonderful picture of poppies, with a little help from Val and our visiting artist.

We have staff vacancies on night duty – a carer with experience is preferred for this position. We are also looking for a housekeeper. Please contact us for more details and an application form.