August 22nd, 2011 | Posted by Willan House in Events | Visits

We have enjoyed the music from class 3 of Bardney primary school who came and performed for us before the end of term. 25 children and the grown-ups who drove them all piled into the sitting room and we had half an hour of wonderful singing.

The reward was squash and fairy cakes and a promise to invite the school back at Christmas. It was lovely to see the children mix with the residents, some renewing old acquaintances and others coming in to the home for the first time.

We had a 5 generation photograph the other day as Jessie’s family arrived with children grandchildren and great grandchildren. We managed to get everyone in and Jessie is holding her youngest great grandchild.

Alf has also posed for pictures with his great grandson – beautiful he said, isn’t he strong, my what a grip, as the baby clutched on to his finger.

Our newest resident was pleased with her first few days at Willan. ‘The people here are lovely’. Coming into a home is always stressful, but we try to make things as simple as we can, and sometimes it works! It can take 3 -6 months for some to settle and it is always important to maintain links with family and friends.

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