Carol Singing

December 11th, 2013 | Posted by Willan House in Events

This afternoon we were hosts to 30 children and their teachers and parent support, and the children sang carols for the residents. The residents were over the moon, they loved it. On the surface some may listen and appear unmoved, or indeed asleep. It is afterwards that the impact is felt – oh that was lovely, will they come again? Isn’t it nice to see the children? Both comments made by residents. One gentleman listened to the children and when they had gone he got up from his chair and walked to the piano. We know he is musical. I watched him lift the piano lid and went and got him a chair. He sat down and one of the carers asked him to play, she sat beside him and he said no. We found some carol music on line and using the ipad as a music stand I ┬ámanaged to play a few notes. The man started humming and he knew the words and the tune and kept it going on till the right tune was produced on the piano. Oh come all you faithful. We heard the residents behind us singing the words. Hark the Herald, picked out with one finger, and the man sang the words. A rusty jingle bells was recognised as was Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. When I got the tune right he clapped. After an hour he stood up, excused himself and said I’ve got to go!’

I don’t have any musical skill, I can play with one finger and read a basic scale. Music is all around, songs and hymns learnt years ago can lie in the mind just waiting for someone to tap on their memory. But the children sang wonderfully and were a credit to their teachers and their school, the residents will be looking forward their next visit. I’m sure their singing sparked something in him which led him to sit at the piano.

It was George’s birthday and he was just over the moon when the choir sang happy birthday to him. He enjoyed his birthday cake, and as he said ‘I’m not bad really for 91′ ! Happy Birthday George and many more to come.

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