We have just been told today that we have been accredited to the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care have been awarded the Quality Hallmark Award at Commend status.

This is a major award for staff who provide the care and management of our residents and is the result of almost two years of training and preparation.

It is difficult to explain sometimes that as a residential home we are expected to have limitations. Some families come and ask ‘can you give out tablets’ while some social workers ask ‘do you have two staff on at night’ or ‘do you have a hoist?’ The answer to all those is Yes, of course.  To achieve the Gold Standard Framework we first had to break down the barrier that was (in 2009) ‘ no-one dies in a residential home! So we asked the question, can we try for it. Eventually the question was answered when the government started to look at the End of Life Care. We were supported along with 5 other homes, by the then PCT. We  know of one other home that finished, possibly another. So at the very most there are three small stand alone residential homes with the award, that measures the quality of our care, not just in the last days of life but within the last year. Out of the 20 standards we were awarded 11 excellents, including one for our Advance Care Planning. Tracy plays a huge part in that – preparing leaflets, talking to families and residents and showing other staff how to get involved.



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The residents, assisted by David and Val, spent yesterday afternoon putting the finishing touches to some 2015 calendars they have created. The main part of the calendar is a watercolour painting that they have each done. For some painting has always been a hobby and we are able to keep that interest going.

We have just had a visit from the Accreditation Team for the Gold Standard Framework, but we won’t know the result until February. For the last two years we have been working towards that goal, aiming to achieve the twenty standards that show excellence in End of Life Care. It is not restricted to care in the last days, rather it is a wider approach of assessing needs, planning care and using codes as triggers for actions for the length of time someone stays with us. The award is curently held by around 20 homes in Lincolnshire, all with nursing registration. As a  residential care home we are hoping to show that our care meets the exacting standards of the award.

Lancaster flypast

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Yesterday two lancasters, spitfires and a hurricane flew over in formation, and there was a fantastic view of  them from the house. Shame we didn’t have a camera at the time. This was the last flight before the Canadian plane returns home. As reminisence activities go some prefer not to remember the war but the noise of the engines certainly made some look up to the sky again

Fish and chips again

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We are all replete after another visit from the fish and chip van. Families and residents had freshly cooked meal to enjoy – and the portions of fish were huge. There is something very tempting about that smell of fish and vinegar that stimulates appetites. Wendy dished up trifle for afters and that soon disappeared.

The day after the last posting in July we went on holiday. While standing in duty free we got a call from Tracy saying we were in the middle of a CQC inspection. The report is available for all to see (just click on the link and you will get it). All credit goes to Tracy, Michelle and staff who demonstrated that we were compliant and could deal with an inspection in our absence.

We have had some short stay residents recently, folk who after a short spell of respite have been able to return home. This is really rewarding to staff to see how they can re-enable people back to their own homes.

We are linking with the GP surgery in Wragby to ensure that any residents who are over 75 have plans in place to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. Hospital can be a really stressful place for anyone, never mind those with dementia and we do try to ensure that we avoid admission, but on occassions it is the only way forward.

Dementia Care in Lincoln

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In the coming weeks Willan House will be preparing the portfolio of evidence to submit to the assessors of the ‘Gold Standard Framework’. This is an accreditation awarded to Care Homes for the standard of their End of Life Care. Willan House and 5 other residential homes in Lincolnshire were offered the opportunity to work towards that standard and we are now reaching the end of the training. The aim is to ensure residents are  cared for at Willan House in their last weeks, days, hours of life. There are 20 components to the Standard and they cover a range of detail including communication with GP and district nursing teams as well as provision of activity for those with dementia. We plan and assess needs to ensure that we have equipment to care for residents safely – the District Nurses monitor pressure areas and manage any pain to ensure that the person is comfortable. The Marie Curie teams are available overnight for advice or support. An individual may have specific wishes which we hope to meet, and those with Dementia may need  specific care that we are able to provide because we know that person well. We have received feedback from families of residents we cared for and it has all been very positive. There are homes in Lincolnshire with the Gold Standard Framework Award but they are Nursing Homes or Dual registered by being part of a nursing home. We hope to be one of the very few Independent Residential Homes to acheive the Standard.



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poppies_wWith the help of Clare our residents have created a Poppy inspired wall-hanging that is currently being mounted and framed, prior to being on display in Willan House. The idea for the banner came from the centenary of the beginning of World War 1, which is being commemorated throughout 2014.
Discussion took place with the residents regarding the significance of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. One lady remarked that the poppy was to remember ‘those who fell’.
The whole banner was worked in fabric; the background is a collage of fabric strips ironed into place, below a sky created by painting white acrylic paint onto blue cotton.
Stencils were used to create the flower heads and leaves from felt, which had been attached to an iron on backing prior to working. Flower centres were either buttons sewn in place, or stitched with wool.
Throughout the workshops, residents were able to share memories of their war time experiences….. laying on the cliff tops at Deal, Kent, and watching the dogfights in the sky above……. making munitions in the Midlands for Spitfires and submarines….. ignoring the air raid sirens…

The banner echoes the picture on the front of Willan House brochure and as such, may also have a more poignant significance for the home, remembering those who have shared time here during the past years… a poppy for each one who has passed on.


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The inspection report is now available from CQC and we are fully compliant. The report highlights that staff are always available, well trained and knowledgable about the residents. Families who were present at the time of the inspection confirmed that the care provided was dignified and respected the wishes and needs of the residents.

We currently have a vacant room.

Inspector calls

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We had a visit from the Care Quality Commission last week and we are awaiting the report. The overall experience was positive. He spoke to residents, staff and families to get a picture of our service. He also spoke with owners as well as observing a busy day in the home.

Christmas Past

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Christmas eve was busy with visitors and general preparations. Residents and staff enjoyed carol singing by Courtney and her friends and they have already been booked for next year. Courtney is the daughter of one of our carers.

Christmas day saw a couple of residents go out for the day and two families came in to join the festivities. We had present opening around the tree in the morning – pens at the ready to name the pressies as they were unwrapped and eagle eyed staff spotted the labels so we could identifiy who all the gifts were from as by the time the parcel had been opened some had forgotton who had given it. The morning was busy with phone calls from families who couldn’t join in and while all that was going on lunch was prepared

Tracy and Sharon set tables in the dining room, arranged placenames so staff were able to help those who needed it. Families, staff and residents all enjoyed turkey with trimmings including home made cranberry sauce and a gluten free stuffing. We had red cabbage, sprouts and chestnuts as well as carrots and lyonnaise potatoes. That was followed by Christmas pudding with a brandy sauce. For those with a softl diet Wendy prepared a Christmas version, blending the same meal into a puree.

The afternoon was quiet, the bulk of the day’s visitors having come in the morning. Thank you to everyone for making it a busy but enjoyable day.

With less than a week to go to Christmas Day we would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and thank you for your support and interest in Willan House. As we enter a holiday phase  it is already noticable that the country is winding down, and I anticipate it will be a quiet few weeks with many people taking holiday before and after the festive days to stretch their break to 2 weeks.

However in a care home work carries on, staff will be working to ensure that residents are cared for as usual but also enjoy the festive time as well. The Christmas tree has been up for weeks, outfits for Christmas day have been chosen. We have an ensuite room vacant at the moment. Our occupancy has been very high this year and this vacancy has arisen as one resident has been enabled to return home. A really positive achievement and a good outcome for all.