Carol Singing

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This afternoon we were hosts to 30 children and their teachers and parent support, and the children sang carols for the residents. The residents were over the moon, they loved it. On the surface some may listen and appear unmoved, or indeed asleep. It is afterwards that the impact is felt – oh that was lovely, will they come again? Isn’t it nice to see the children? Both comments made by residents. One gentleman listened to the children and when they had gone he got up from his chair and walked to the piano. We know he is musical. I watched him lift the piano lid and went and got him a chair. He sat down and one of the carers asked him to play, she sat beside him and he said no. We found some carol music on line and using the ipad as a music stand I  managed to play a few notes. The man started humming and he knew the words and the tune and kept it going on till the right tune was produced on the piano. Oh come all you faithful. We heard the residents behind us singing the words. Hark the Herald, picked out with one finger, and the man sang the words. A rusty jingle bells was recognised as was Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. When I got the tune right he clapped. After an hour he stood up, excused himself and said I’ve got to go!’

I don’t have any musical skill, I can play with one finger and read a basic scale. Music is all around, songs and hymns learnt years ago can lie in the mind just waiting for someone to tap on their memory. But the children sang wonderfully and were a credit to their teachers and their school, the residents will be looking forward their next visit. I’m sure their singing sparked something in him which led him to sit at the piano.

It was George’s birthday and he was just over the moon when the choir sang happy birthday to him. He enjoyed his birthday cake, and as he said ‘I’m not bad really for 91′ ! Happy Birthday George and many more to come.


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Another Successful Christingle service was held yesterday with more than 30 people present, including our staff and families. Music was provided by Margaret on the piano and Clare led the service. Readings were done by residents staff and visitors and 12 christingles were created and lit for a short time.

Afternoon tea followed – the mince pies were gorgeous apparently (thank you Wendy) and overall a good start to the Christmas season. For many of our residents the memories of carols, sung over many years means that when the hear the music they start singing. One lady appeared disinterested until you put your head close and you could hear her quietly singing along- when she realised I was wise to her interest she looked at me and winked!

The school children and Mothers Union will be visiting this week to keep the momentum going. Its always a busy time of year, but we wish everyone  a happy Christmas.

Change in legal entity

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On 1st October 2013 CQC agreed to re-register Willan House as Willan House (Stainfield) Ltd. We have run Willan House as a partnership which has now become a limited company. There is no change in ownership just an adjustment to the business title. However this means that the home had to be deregistered, the manager had to be re-registered and the home now appears not to have been inspected. All previous reports are available on CQC archive site.

We have had a busy summer with all rooms occupied. Staff have continued with their training programmes with 2 taking their Level 3 Diploma and 4 taking their Level 2, in Health and Social Care. We have a member of staff doing an Open University Course, focusing on End of Life Care and we have embraced e-learning to provide Food Hygiene training and updating.

The Environmental Health Inspection in August meant we retained our 5 stars for Kitchen and Food Hygiene


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Well after several years of disappointment we have summer!. The down side of summer is that it has gone a bit overboard and we have a heatwave, at least so we are told. Indoors we have curtains pulled to protect from the glare of the sun and residents are enjoying large jugs of squash and ice lollies. It is difficult for some to understand that windows need to be open for air, and it’s not cold.

We have new staff starting this week. Fiona our popular deputy has left to take up a new job as an NVQ assessor, we wish her luck. The residents made a card and a poster for her. We had an afternoon of doing the hokey cokey and all residents joined in the dancing

Radio Lincolnshire

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This morning Brenda spoke on Radio Lincolnshire about the care at Willan House. She was responding to a phone in on local radio about care homes, and she described the care given to her uncle as ‘outstanding’. She spoke about how the staff looked after her needs and those of her family while caring for a gentleman in his final days. Thank you Brenda for your kind words., from the staff and owners of Willan House.

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We have bird feeders outside the dining room window and today we were able to watch a great spotted woodpecker on the peanuts. Residents are enjoying watching them, sparrow being the most common. We have martins nesting as usual and if you look out of the window you are greated by swallows swooping and occasionally you see the skylarks rising up from the fields.  The birds fly straight up out of the field, flutter and sing and then fly down.

Two seasons for one!

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At last it seems that Spring has arrived, yet I heard on the news that technically it is already Summer! The leaves are only just appearing and there is still sufficient chill in the air for the residents to want the heating on as high as possible. Most are happy to stay indoors, one or two willing to take the chance and feel the breeze outside.

The period around Easter was busy and full of sadness as four of our residents died, two having a combined stay at Willan of 15 years – one died after over 9 years, and one over 6 years. But while we continue to mourn the loss of old friends we also welcomed new ones. Recently we have received residents looking for opportunities to recover their health and mobility with the view to going home. Imagine what a pleasure it is to see someone taking first tentative steps after a period in hospital. When we see people putting on weight after families have reported weight loss due to ill health we feel pleased. Weight gain may not have been a goal, but hey, that means that something is working as appetites are restored and smiles return.

We have bought a new standing and transfer aid that allows residents with strength in one or both arms to pull themselves up easily from bed or chair.

We are expecting to have two rooms vacant at the end of May 2013, as our resident couple move to be closer to their families in the North of England. Please contact us if you are interested, of if you are wanting to look at periods of respite. We have had no demand for respite for the coming months, so will use the vacancies for long-term residents if that is required.

Jessie was a lady who was little in stature but  huge in both personality and in her impact in daily life at Willan House. She came to live with us at a time when she was in poor health and her memory was failing. Jessie’s daughter told us it was the best thing that she could have done and her mum had 6 years of good life with us. She recovered her physical health, and we learnt how to help her dementia – and Jessie taught us so much about the condition.  Jessie provided the meet and greet service at Willan House, she liked to know who was coming and going! She thought she worked here, would attend training sessions and would help, when the mood was with her, in the kitchen or the office.

Jessie was a friend to many residents past and present and to all the staff. She liked company most of the time, but could get upset if it was too noisy or she wasn’t familiar with who was around. Jessie died peacefully on a Sunday evening, in her own room with her son and daughter at Willan with her. Her last days were full of chat and memories as staff and family kept company at her bed. The District nurses and staff from Marie Curie and the Palliative Care team provided support for everyone, for which we thank them.

Jessie could never find her coat  but she will always have her coat with her now. We hope that she is resting in peace. Jessie’s funderal was held in Stainfield Church and was attended by family and friends, including 10 members of staff and two residents.


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At Willan House we firmly believe in the importance of good food so as the horse meat scandal rumbles on and more and more processed products are to be scrutinised for content we  are clear about our products and suppliers.  Our regular  meat supply arrives from Wragby butchers. It comes vacuum packed from the butchers on a weekly or two weekly basis. Our cooks prepare all pie fillings and stews and pasta sauces from scratch. We don’t serve beefburgers – its not something that our elderly residents request. We do use processed meat for sandwiches, such as sliced ham and chicken. Sausages are usually from the butcher as is any sausage meat that we use.

Most of our fish comes from Grimsby, delivered by Pete every week and our vegs are supplied by a Horncastle greengrocer . Up until recently our milk came from a diary herd near Skegness, but now comes from a distributor.  We serve full cream milk and use butter and eggs in an effort to maximise the potential for residents with tiny appetites to get as much nutrition from their meals as possible. Residents requiring soft or pureed meals have the same food as the other residents – only, yep, soft or pureed.





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Christmas was busy with events and activities. Our Christmas day was buzzing with families visiting, some stayed to lunch, some came, went and returned. I don’t think forgetting to bring the crackers in for the tables was noticed by many- but the lack of paper hats in the photographs is a salutory reminder for next year!.

Just before Christmas the CQC regulator popped in and confirmed that we met all the standards. She arrived in the middle of lunch which was definitely unexpected, and stayed a few hours. She spent time with the residents and staff as well as speaking to visitors who were in at the time. The final report is with us, although the last time I looked it hadn’t reached CQC’s website.