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At Willan House we firmly believe in the importance of good food so as the horse meat scandal rumbles on and more and more processed products are to be scrutinised for content we  are clear about our products and suppliers.  Our regular  meat supply arrives from Wragby butchers. It comes vacuum packed from the butchers on a weekly or two weekly basis. Our cooks prepare all pie fillings and stews and pasta sauces from scratch. We don’t serve beefburgers – its not something that our elderly residents request. We do use processed meat for sandwiches, such as sliced ham and chicken. Sausages are usually from the butcher as is any sausage meat that we use.

Most of our fish comes from Grimsby, delivered by Pete every week and our vegs are supplied by a Horncastle greengrocer . Up until recently our milk came from a diary herd near Skegness, but now comes from a distributor.  We serve full cream milk and use butter and eggs in an effort to maximise the potential for residents with tiny appetites to get as much nutrition from their meals as possible. Residents requiring soft or pureed meals have the same food as the other residents – only, yep, soft or pureed.




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