I can’t find my coat, duck!

April 5th, 2013 | Posted by Willan House in Uncategorized

Jessie was a lady who was little in stature but  huge in both personality and in her impact in daily life at Willan House. She came to live with us at a time when she was in poor health and her memory was failing. Jessie’s daughter told us it was the best thing that she could have done and her mum had 6 years of good life with us. She recovered her physical health, and we learnt how to help her dementia – and Jessie taught us so much about the condition.  Jessie provided the meet and greet service at Willan House, she liked to know who was coming and going! She thought she worked here, would attend training sessions and would help, when the mood was with her, in the kitchen or the office.

Jessie was a friend to many residents past and present and to all the staff. She liked company most of the time, but could get upset if it was too noisy or she wasn’t familiar with who was around. Jessie died peacefully on a Sunday evening, in her own room with her son and daughter at Willan with her. Her last days were full of chat and memories as staff and family kept company at her bed. The District nurses and staff from Marie Curie and the Palliative Care team provided support for everyone, for which we thank them.

Jessie could never find her coat  but she will always have her coat with her now. We hope that she is resting in peace. Jessie’s funderal was held in Stainfield Church and was attended by family and friends, including 10 members of staff and two residents.

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