Two seasons for one!

May 4th, 2013 | Posted by Willan House in Uncategorized

At last it seems that Spring has arrived, yet I heard on the news that technically it is already Summer! The leaves are only just appearing and there is still sufficient chill in the air for the residents to want the heating on as high as possible. Most are happy to stay indoors, one or two willing to take the chance and feel the breeze outside.

The period around Easter was busy and full of sadness as four of our residents died, two having a combined stay at Willan of 15 years – one died after over 9 years, and one over 6 years. But while we continue to mourn the loss of old friends we also welcomed new ones. Recently we have received residents looking for opportunities to recover their health and mobility with the view to going home. Imagine what a pleasure it is to see someone taking first tentative steps after a period in hospital. When we see people putting on weight after families have reported weight loss due to ill health we feel pleased. Weight gain may not have been a goal, but hey, that means that something is working as appetites are restored and smiles return.

We have bought a new standing and transfer aid that allows residents with strength in one or both arms to pull themselves up easily from bed or chair.

We are expecting to have two rooms vacant at the end of May 2013, as our resident couple move to be closer to their families in the North of England. Please contact us if you are interested, of if you are wanting to look at periods of respite. We have had no demand for respite for the coming months, so will use the vacancies for long-term residents if that is required.

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